Organized Homes Sell

Does your home need to be super organized in order to sell it? In most cases, yes, especially if you want top dollar. The truth is, an organized home is going to sell much faster than a disorganized one.

Pretend you're selling your lifestyle rather than 4 walls. Does a buyer want to imagine coming home to bills and junk mail on the kitchen table? Do they want to imagine coming home to a messy garage, or piles of laundry? Nope, no, and nuh-uh! Give them a clean slate so they can imagine how their belongings are going to look once they buy your house. We recently helped a seller organize his home. He used our "After" photos as their listing photos and sold their home within the week.

Can you think of any other benefits? Still need convincing? Think a little further down the road. Your house is under contract and you're happy with the price, but moving day is fast approaching. You don't even want to THINK about packing. That's where we come in! Your professional organizer will even help pack your belongings for you in preparation for moving day! And guess what?! Unpacking will be a BREEZE!

How can Scenic Home & Office Organizers help you through this process? Organize your home room by room, recommend my favorite realtor, provide quality 'after' photos if you need them, and help prepare you for moving day. I can even help you unpack at your next home! The only things left to do are accept an offer, hire a truck, and move your stuff. The home buying / selling process CAN be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be.