Holiday Organizing Tips

Every year we buy extra stuff just for the holidays. Extra groceries, decorations, gifts, you get the point. If everything that comes into your house needs a permanent "home" then how do seasonal items fit in?

We need to re-think how we classify holiday items in order to find proper places for them in our home.

1. How do we make a permanent place for temporary items?

I personally classify temporary holiday items as "projects." I always have a place for projects in my home. I make room on a shelf to stack projects in neat individual piles so I can free up my counter top work space.

2. What about holiday baking supplies?

Clear an area of your pantry and grab a container to hold grocery items. I put Thanksgiving pie supplies in a basket and Christmas cookie supplies in another. When the time comes, you can contain the mess to the designated basket and you don't have to grab ingredients from all over the kitchen. You can reuse the containers for other holiday baking projects when the winter holidays are over.

3. And holiday decorations?

I keep EVERYTHING in clear totes on a dedicated steel rack in the garage. The clear totes allow you to see exactly what is inside each one, which is a huge time saver. Even though they're transparent, you will still need to label the totes so you can return the items later on.

4. What's the best way to store ornaments?

There are also specialty totes for certain items like ornament totes with special compartments to separate each ornament. This keeps the hooks and strings from getting tangled together, and the obnoxiously sparkly ornaments away from the non-sparkly ones. Not to mention it will keep the delicate keepsake ornaments safe.

5. Lets not forget wrapping paper.

Many of my clients have used the stand up options, however I prefer buying JUST enough wrapping paper where I don't have any left after the holidays. I'll leave the wrapping paper storage to the department stores and buy more when I need it. Speaking of gift wrapping, I love the idea of each person having their own color gift wrap so you don't have to label every single gift for a larger family.

Below are some examples of the containers described in the article! They're mostly from Walmart or Menards if you can believe it!